The transmission is the bridge between your car’s engine and its wheels, playing a pivotal role in your vehicle’s performance and reliability. At Flash Auto, we offer an extensive range of transmission services that encompass everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs. Our professional and customer-focused offerings include Transmission Service and Repair, and Clutches and Differential Repairs.

Transmission Service and Repair

Your vehicle’s transmission requires regular service to maintain its performance and longevity. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, our skilled technicians can perform routine services like fluid changes, filter replacements, and inspections to keep your transmission running smoothly.

If your vehicle is experiencing issues like unusual noises, difficulty shifting, or slipping gears, it may be time for a repair. Our team uses advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify any problems and carry out necessary repairs, ensuring your vehicle’s transmission functions as effectively as possible.

Clutches and Differential Repairs

The clutch is a vital component in manual transmission vehicles, enabling the transition between gears. The differential, on the other hand, allows your vehicle’s wheels to rotate at different speeds, which is crucial for turning corners. Both these components are subject to wear and tear and may require periodic repair or replacement.

At Flash Auto, we provide comprehensive services for clutches and differentials. Whether your clutch is slipping, making noises, or feeling stiff, or your differential is causing poor handling or unusual vibrations, our expert technicians can diagnose and repair these issues promptly and efficiently.

Transmission Flushes

A transmission flush is an essential maintenance operation for your vehicle’s transmission health, involving the complete replacement of your old transmission fluid with new fluid. This process helps to remove harmful grime, debris, and sludge that accumulate over time and impede the transmission’s performance. At Flash Auto, our technicians use specialized equipment to safely and effectively carry out this operation. The service begins by draining the old fluid, then flushing the transmission with a specially formulated cleaning solution, followed by refilling it with fresh, high-quality transmission fluid. This comprehensive process ensures the optimal performance of your transmission, extends its lifespan, and can prevent costly repairs down the line.

At Flash Auto, we’re not just committed to providing top-tier transmission services; we’re dedicated to ensuring that every customer leaves our garage feeling informed and confident in the work done on their vehicle. With our blend of technical expertise, advanced equipment, and a customer-focused approach, we deliver high-quality, reliable service that you can trust. Choose Flash Auto for all your transmission needs – because we’re not just about cars, we’re about people too.