Fleet Maintenance

Would you enjoy saving money? How about staff time? Your time?

Flash Automotive offers top-of-the-line proactive fleet management service to keep all of your vehicles performing at their best, and looking their best. Below are our reasons why we can provide you and your fleet with the best fleet maintenance possible:

Flash Automotive, conveniently located off of I-25 in Albuquerque, provides complete service and repair to all cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, including 1½-ton trucks and vans. We even handle detailing services. Here’s why we are outstanding:

  1. 97% of fleet technicians in New Mexico are not qualified to work for us. They don’t have the training, experience and ethics to work for us.
  2. We’ve been satisfying our clients for over 32 years.
  3. We service all light & medium duty vehicles, and perform DOT inspections!
  4. We can schedule your service, and can even PICK UP and DELIVER your vehicles!
  5. We have several technicians rated at or above the ASE Master Technician level.
  6. Flash Auto has been both locally and nationally recognized for excellent service.
  7. We guarantee all of our work!
  8. We make it easy for you by customizing your service program to your standards and priorities.
  9. We take a proactive approach when reminding you of your scheduled maintenance and inspections. Our specialized fleet software never misses.
  10. We thoroughly inspect and advise you every time the vehicle is in. Computerized tracking keeps you on top of needs and history — and cuts your cost.
  11. We know how to communicate more effectively than any technicians you’ll ever find.
  12. We have the most well-equipped shop — as well as one of the largest and cleanest — in the state.
  13. Our technicians are trained and equipped with the best tools and knowledge, meaning we can handle any repair or maintenance that your fleet needs.

We customize the service to each company’s needs, based on your goals and objectives. Our current customers say that they started saving money right away, and their task of overseeing their fleet has never been easier.

It just doesn’t get better than that!!

Contact us today – (505) 856-8333!