Your vehicle’s brakes, tires, and wheels are fundamental to its performance, safety, and drivability. At Flash Auto, we offer an all-encompassing range of services designed to maintain, diagnose, and repair these crucial components. Our expert offerings include Brakes/Shocks/Struts servicing, Tire Sales, Service, and Repair, Computerized Wheel Alignments, C V Boots and Axles maintenance, and Suspension and Front-end Repair.


Brakes, shocks, and struts are critical to your vehicle’s safety and comfort. They ensure effective stopping, stability, and smoothness of your ride. If you’re experiencing issues like squeaky brakes, poor ride quality, or instability while driving, it could indicate a problem with these systems. Our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify and repair any issues, ensuring your vehicle operates safely and comfortably.

Tire Sales, Service, and Repair

Tires are the only contact point between your vehicle and the road, making their condition vital to your safety. Whether you need new tires, tire rotation, balancing, or repair, our team can assist. We offer a wide selection of quality tires for sale and provide comprehensive tire services to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

Proper wheel alignment is essential for the lifespan of your tires and your vehicle’s handling. We offer computerized wheel alignments, which use advanced technology to accurately align your vehicle’s wheels according to manufacturer specifications. This service can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce tire wear, and enhance overall driving safety.

C V Boots and Axles

CV boots protect your vehicle’s CV joints, which connect the axles to the wheels. Any damage to these boots can lead to more serious and costly repairs. We provide thorough inspections, replacements, and repairs for CV boots and axles, ensuring your vehicle’s drivetrain remains in optimal condition.

Suspension and Front-end Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays a crucial role in your driving comfort and control. If you’re experiencing a rough ride, steering issues, or uneven tire wear, it might be time for a suspension or front-end repair. Our professionals can diagnose and address these issues, restoring your vehicle’s smooth ride and precise handling.

At Flash Auto, we’re committed to providing top-tier brakes, tires, and wheels services that enhance your vehicle’s performance and ensure your safety on the road. With our blend of advanced technology, experienced technicians, and a customer-focused approach, we deliver reliable, high-quality service. Trust Flash Auto for all your vehicle’s needs – because we’re not just about cars, we’re about people too.